Seltzer Caplan Associate Certified as Taxation Law Specialist

By SD Metro Magazine July 14, 2014 Brian M. Katusian, an associate at the San Diego-based law firm of Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek, has been certified as a specialist in taxation law by the State…


An Ounce of Prevention: Drug Testing

By Daniel Eaton AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION: DRUG TESTING Californians like their privacy. In 1974, California voters approved an amendment to the California constitution expressly recognizing a Californian’s right to privacy against both the state…


An Ounce of Prevention: Preventing Liability under the FMLA

Even where an employer is not guilty of disability discrimination, the employer may be liable for substantial damages to a former employee if the employer has failed to comply with the detailed requirements of the…


Annual Review of Cases and New Development in Bankruptcy 2013

Bankruptcy Year In Review San Diego County Bar Association February 4, 2014   UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT Bullock v BankChampaign, NA, ___ U.S. ___, 133 S.Ct. 754, 185 L.Ed.2d 922 (2013) Defalcation while acting in…


Avoiding Frivilous Lawsuits

Elihu Root, the great early-twentieth century New York attorney and former Secretary of War, once said: “About half the practice of a decent lawyer consists in telling would-be clients that they are damned fools and…


Chapter 11 Confirmation Issues

By Dennis Wickham The goal of Chapter 11 is reorganization through confirmation of a Plan of Reorganization. There are three steps toward confirming the Plan: (1) obtaining court approval of a disclosure statement, whose purpose…


Current Education Training Modules

For more information about SCMV’s training modules, contact Danny Eaton “Sexual Harassment and Workplace Conduct Seminars” — California law requires employers to take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. These multi-media, interactive seminars…


EU pushes to change the way Americans say cheese

By DOUG SHERWIN, The Daily Transcript European Union officials are making a stink about how other countries are identifying cheese that has its roots in Italy, Greece and other European nations. The EU is trying…


Frequently Asked Questions About Trademarks

By John Alspaugh TRADEMARK BASICS What is a trademark? A trademark is any word, phrase, symbol, or device that distinguishes one company’s goods or services from those of its competitors. A trademark is often referred…


High Court Looks at Cellphone Searches

High Court Looks at Cellphone Searches By DOUG SHERWIN, The Daily Transcript Monday, May 5, 2014 Technology is advancing so quickly, it’s difficult for the law to keep up. The U.S. Supreme Court is trying to play catch-up by hearing…




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