Sandra Joan Morris Lectures at Cal CPA Family Law Conference

Sandra Joan Morris, of counsel to SCMV and a member of the firm’s Family Law practice group, recently lectured at the Cal CPA Annual Forensic Conference on Family Law in Los Angeles and Oakland on the parameters of expert testimony under People v. Sanchez.

Cal CPA’s annual family law conference addresses the wide range of legal, tax, financial and valuation issues related to separation and divorce. CPAs, attorneys, judges and other professionals attend this event to deepen their knowledge of the complex issues related to family law including: California community property, income available for support, forensic accounting related to dissolution and best practices to protect clients in court. 

With a career spanning nearly five decades as a family law attorney, Ms. Morris has extensive experience in a broad range of family law issues both as a counselor and litigator, making it her goal to help each client through the process with dignity and ease. With extensive training and experience in mediation, collaborative law, arbitration and settlement negotiation, she serves as an advocate to family law clients who choose alternatives to traditional litigation in resolving their family law matters.

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