The Trademark Group®

Whether a multinational, small- to mid-sized company or a start-up, trademarks are among a business’ most valuable assets.

At Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek, we provide the expertise and services businesses need to safeguard an organization’s brand, from search and registration to prosecution and litigation. The Trademark Group® works to protect word marks, logos, slogans, packaging, design, and other identifiable trade dress elements.

Our strength in trademark protection extends around the world. We have access to a strong network of professionals in more than 120 countries, enabling us to provide expedient and expert trademark services worldwide. Members of The Trademark Group® are skilled in the execution of U.S. and foreign services applications and office action responses, and we have substantial experience handling trademark clearance, registration, and enforcement worldwide.

SCMV has the people and resources to efficiently handle all aspects of U.S. and international trademarks, so our clients receive timely and affordable service. Our attorneys also provide practical advice along the way to help business clients make vital decisions that are right for their company.

Our clients benefit from the experience and knowledge one would expect from a larger law firm along with our friendly accessibility and personalized service.

U.S. Trademark Services

Trademark registration is vital to the protection of a company’s mark. It increases security against infringement and can provide leverage in business negotiations. Registration can also facilitate licensing, franchising, and transfer of ownership. A registered trademark can provide potential investors the security they need to commit capital to a growing company.

In addition, registration can increase a business’ dollar value, because a registered mark becomes a quantifiable business asset. A registered trademark can serve as security for borrowing needed capital and may be mortgaged, pledged, or otherwise hypothecated.

Our trademark services cover the full spectrum of trademark protection and enforcement, including:

  • searching
  • infringement analysis
  • registration
  • cease and desist letters
  • negotiation of settlement and coexistence agreements
  • infringement litigation
  • opposition/cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • licensing
  • domain name dispute resolutions and more.

We also handle matters such as trade dress, trade secrets, unfair competition, and false advertising.

International Trademark Services

A trademark that is used or registered in the U.S. usually doesn't provide the owner with rights or protection in any other country. For clients seeking protection and registration in a foreign country, we offer the advantage of our proprietary network of trademark professionals in over 120 countries around the world. These foreign professionals handle the international registration of our clients' marks.

Generally, companies must register a mark in each country where they seek protection. However, there are exceptions. Our team of international trademark professionals can assist businesses in registering with the European Community, where a single registration protects a mark across all member countries of the European Union, and with registrations pursuant to the Madrid Protocol Treaty, offering protection in multiple member nations through a single application.

The following resources provide helpful information about trademark and domain name laws, rules, and processes. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we will be happy to help.


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