U.S./Mexico International Transactions

Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek is always working to help our clients benefit from the increasing globalization of the world’s economy.  Located on the U.S.-Mexico border, SCMV has in-depth experience in a variety of legal issues specific to international transactions. We represent a significant number of foreign clients including commercial entities, emerging companies, financial institutions and individuals based in Mexico.

Our worldwide reputation in cross-border transactions enables us to advise non-U.S. companies and their counsel on a broad range of legal issues, from due diligence for companies that want to do banking in the U.S., to representing Mexican citizens that are being investigated in the U.S. SCMV is a member of the Law Firm Alliance in Mexico and is committed to maintaining its legacy as a San Diego-based law firm with expertise in U.S.-Mexico international transactions.

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Practice Group Leader

Joseph P. Martinez

P: 619.685.3177
E: martinez@scmv.com

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Gregory A. Vega
Shareholder & Litigation Department Chair

P: 619.685.3040
E: vega@scmv.com

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James H. Siegel

P: 619.685.3160
E: siegel@scmv.com

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David P. Ruth
Of Counsel

P: 619.685.3161
E: ruth@scmv.com

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Brian M. Katusian

P: 619.685.3186
E: katusian@scmv.com

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Agustin Ceballos

P: 619.685.3036
E: ceballos@scmv.com

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