Dan Eaton Discusses New CA Laws on KPBS Radio

2017 is here and many new laws are taking effect in California.

SCMV shareholder Dan Eaton recently appeared on KPBS’ Midday Edition radio show to discuss California’s new anti-discrimination rules which will prohibit employers from paying lesser wages to employees of another race or ethnicity for substantially similar work. It's an extension of the Fair Pay Act that barred wage discrimination based on gender.

According to Dan, “This is going to be the year where we are going to get some judicial clarification of what ‘substantially similar’ work really means and what an employer actually has to do to show that neutral differences, whether gender-neutral or race-neutral differences, are sufficient to defend gaps that are naturally going to appear in any market-based economy.”

Click here to listen to the full clip.

January 4th, 2017  |  Categories:
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