Greg Vega Helps Welcome 2018 President of USMF Board of Directors

Shareholder Greg Vega recently attended a reception at the residence of US Ambassador to Mexico Roberta S. Jacobson to honor Jose H. Villarreal, the incoming president of the 2018 board of directors of the United States-Mexico Foundation (USMF).

The USMF is a binational nonprofit dedicated to strengthening education and youth leadership for Mexicans on both sides of the border while fostering bi-national cooperation and understanding between the United States and Mexico. The foundation is governed by a bi-national board of prominent business and civic leaders who believe that strengthening the binational relationship and supporting youth empowerment in Mexico and the United States is in the vital interest of both countries.

Greg, whose legal practice emphasizes U.S./Mexico international transactions, corporate counseling and litigation and specialized criminal defense, is passionate about bi-national cooperation. During his time as U.S. attorney for the southern district of California, Greg prioritized improving bi-national cooperation between the United States and the Republic of Mexico in attacking the Tijuana drug cartel. Several successes that resulted from his efforts were the first extradition of a Mexican citizen to the United States (United States v. Arturo Paez) and the arrest in Mexico of Ismael Higuera, a leader of the Tijuana Cartel.

December 6th, 2017  |  Categories:
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