The Law at Work

SCMV shareholder and prolific writer Dan Eaton has filed two more The Law at Work columns for the  San Diego Union-Tribune.

In “Requiring an employee to say Merry Christmas could mean legal trouble,” Dan discusses the accommodations an employer must provide regarding an employee’s faith-based preferences during the holidays and throughout the year. 

In “Two changes to the California equal pay law coming in 2017 that all employers need to know,” Dan outlines the change the new year will bring regarding the expansion of the Fair Pay Act to compensation differences between members of one race or ethnicity and those of another. The second change prohibits an employer from justifying an otherwise unlawful difference in pay on an employee’s prior salary alone.

As the new year approaches, Dan suggests that all employers make sure that their policies and handbooks reflect recent changes in the law. Dan points to the California Chamber of Commerce and the San Diego Society for Human Resource Management as two good sources of information as well as counseling with your legal counsel.

December 14th, 2016  |  Categories:
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