SCMV Launches Cyber Planning & Response Practice Group

SCMV has expanded its services to include a Cyber Planning & Response Practice Group that will focus on helping businesses in planning and implementing cyber-related policies to address the risks and exposure to both foreign and domestic criminal enterprises. The group will also assist in mitigating cybersecurity breaches, including the governmental reporting and employment-related issues that result from an attack.

“Today’s cybercriminals target everyone – large firms with vast IT resources and small firms with limited IT professionals alike,” states Dennis Wickham, a shareholder at SCMV and chair of the new group. “While full cybersecurity may never be achieved, companies can and must limit their potential risks. Our team is prepared to help a business prevent as well as plan for and deal with a cyberattack of any size.”

Working under the premise that having a cybersecurity prevention and response plan is an important tool for all businesses, SCMV’s Cyber Planning & Response Practice Group helps formulate a customized plan that addresses various cyberattacks and outlines a plan to respond in a proactive manner that will result in the least amount of downtime to a company’s operations.

“In May, we saw more than 100,000 computers worldwide hijacked in just one cyberattack incident. No doubt more are imminent,” states Wickham. “Until they are attacked, most businesses have no idea about the short- and long-term ramifications that can result from such an attack. Fortunately, with some upfront planning, these ramifications can be managed.”

In the event of a cybersecurity incident, the group will work with clients to resolve the situation quickly.

The attorneys in the Cyber Planning & Response Practice Group will also assist with employment issues that often result from a cyberattack and will provide representation regarding any litigation resulting from a breach. The firm will also help companies evaluate cybersecurity insurance options and update their contracts to be cyber effective.

“Third-parties can also put a business’s systems at risk so we work with companies to develop vendor requirements and contracts that ensure comprehensive cyber safety,” states Wickham.

In addition to Wickham, the group will include SCMV shareholders Gregory Vega and Andrea Myers.

August 11th, 2017  |  Categories: News
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