Dan Eaton Featured in Harvard Law Today

SCMV Shareholder and Harvard Law School Alumni Association President Dan Eaton was recently featured in an article in Harvard Law Today, entitled “Empowered and Supported,” where he shared his experiences and the benefits of attending Harvard Law School (HLS).

According to Dan, his years at HLS were among the happiest three of his life. “Not only was I inspired by the brilliance of the professors but also by the brilliant and very diverse voices I heard both in the classroom and outside the classroom from my fellow students,” he said.

Dan’s experience at HLS leads him to pay it forward in a variety of ways, including serving as the current president of the HLS Alumni Association, which unites more than 40,000 HLS alumni and students around the globe. In this role, Dan is focused on developing durable means of communication among alums where local clubs feel empowered and supported in providing opportunities for alums to meet. The group also ensures that online communications mechanisms are in place so alums can reach out to each other as resources.

Not only is Dan the leader of SCMV’s Employment Law practice, he is on the disciplinary committee of the local federal court and serves on the California State Bar’s rules revision commission. He also appears regularly on KPBS San Diego radio, where he discusses a wide range of legal issues and the U.S. Supreme Court and writes a column on employment law for The San Diego Union-Tribune. “There isn’t a day, not a day, that I don’t draw on the lessons from my three years of law school,” he said.

View the full article here.

March 20th, 2019  |  Categories: News
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